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We protect things that matter to you by offering customised pest services Harare

pest servicesFor best pest services company and pest tips in Harare, call us today on 0772593344. We also have wide coverage in Zimbabwe. Although do it your self pest control can achieve some minimum results, it cannot be the best.

Pests are unwanted plants, animals, insects, germs or other organisms that interfere with human activity. They may bite, destroy food crops, damage property, or otherwise make your lives more difficult. Pests can become a nuisance and multiply in such a way that they become even a health threat to your family and pets. Different pests present different problems.

Type of pest services we offer

We control and protect you from all pests that you might think of in Harare and Zimbabwe. Whether you have ants in your pantry kitchen, lice in your bedroom or termites in your ceiling in Harare, Bulawayo and Zimbabwe we have you covered. We also protect your home, family and property from cockroaches, rodents (rats), bed bugs, mosquitoes, termites and fleas, moles, moths, bees, squirrels, cluster flies, ants and wasps.

Our Pest Services Solution

An effective pest service requires some knowledge about the pest and its habits. At Pest

contact us rodentPortal Zimbabwe, our Harare pest control technicians identify the pest correctly and with our understanding of pest lifestyles; evaluating effective strategies for controlling the pest varieties will be our delight. We have the best pest control and fumigation services service to ensure that your home is protected from insect infestation in all the cities around Zimbabwe. We will also custom-design a plan to keep pests from your home.

Our commitment to your problem starts the moment you give us a call. We understand your pest problems need attention as quickly as possible. Hence, our service personnel will attend to you in the shortest possible time, listen to your problem, make a site assessment and present to you effective solutions.

Our Pest Services Guarantees

Our pest service is well guaranteed. Depending on the type of pest controlled, our guarantee period ensures that when ever the pest problem re-appears we will come and redo at no charge. Our guarantees differ depending on whether the area to be get rid of pests is an isolated dwelling or in a cluster setting. Isolated dwellings have longer guarantees than cluster dwellings.

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Pest Control Harare Zimbabwe
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